Giving in to Gravity / poetic x-periments for X-Church, 27.11.2021

Updated: Nov 8


While lying down,

I transpire towards depth;

vaporous heat burrowing downwards,

sinking through strata.

I give in to gravity,

refuse the aspirations of the sun.

I let my organs widen.

Eyes open,

I dream of

sands, soils, salts;

magnetic magma.

My thoughts

funnel through these sediments:

aether in earth.

Lie down and listen.

Are you in my head?

I think I'm in yours.

2. While walking,

I imagine lying down

blood not pulsing but spreading from head to foot

collecting in the veins along my back, the front of my body pale and remote.

There is no floor against the soles of my feet,

but shoulder blades and sacrum

back of thighs, calves and heels

touch this supine surface;

held up,

they open outwards.

What does flatness do to the functionality of the organs?

what if I did not stand but lay prone against the crevices and rocky pillows of the land;

its topography determining my alignment?

While lying down,

thoughts stray;

desires dissipate.


From cerebellum to sacrum

the electric cord

warms the ground under me.

my bed is a microcosm of hilly prairies

rocking waves of an endless ocean body.

my electrical system peeks beyond its nerve endings.

Giving in to gravity

the electricity of me

collects into glittering pools

along my spine,

shoots downwards like upside-down lightning

looking for the negative charge.



level with


level with


level with

calf muscle

level with

heel bone.

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