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Dramaturgical Practices

Considering landscape dramaturgy as way to conceive and experiment with performance, I am currently collecting material to be used and looking for a location to perform in. The focus is given to a performative experiment, so I am contemplating what questions could be given to a spectator before, during or after the performance. I am also considering how the spectator could be invited to record his or her own experience of the performance as a way of grasping how he or she perceives and how that might give insight to the concept of gaze.

I imagine the performance to be set up outdoors as an open space through which the spectator is the agent of his or her own experience. The time of the performance and its location would be given to audience members as an invitation. This might include an instruction to take part in a Silent Walk which ends at the performance (info about that on the Silent Walk page). The film projections, the live performing body and the elements that make up the performance would be able to be seen from different angles, in non-linear moments and would overlap each other depending on how the spectator places his or herself in relation to them.

I am considering a few different experiments. One would be in having a selected number of audience members participate in the performance 3 times: 1. as a spectator with agency, 2. as a spectator with agency while recording the performance, for example with their phone, 3. as a spectator with agency while recording the sounds of and within the performance.

Each of these experiences and the culmination of them could allow a more deeper understanding of the location, of the group of spectators and perhaps of one's own sensing/sensual possibilities. These singular recorded experiences could then be used as part of the landscape of the performance for the next group of spectators.

Another possible experiment would be to curate a blog space with the films, images and virtual elements as a form of online performance. I would then make this page public to an audience who would be given instructions to first take part in a Silent Walk. When they end their walk, I would ask them to remember the online performance at the same time as he or she is perceiving their current surrounding and their own body.

In both experiments, a set of questions would be given to audience to complete afterwards. These questions are currently being worked on...

These are examples of performative experiments in terms of form, however the content of the live and filmed images is as well intrinsic to the experience of the audience. Below are some ideas I consider implementing that relate to my research of nature and multi-mediality, how to expose the internal and the color red as a symbol for menstruation blood and a sign of warning and passion:

Inside the leafy crown of a catalpa; the future of the fir is wrapped around it (possible projection surface?).

As a way of exposing the internal/invisible and considering language to be visible, I am looking for words that are not spoken, are unfamiliar, that which comes before the word. My list of less-used words includes this one, filmed and projected on a wall, then re-filmed and re-projected on the same wall.

Menstruation blood does not come from violence. Here I begin exploring its visual potential.

A film that plays with over- and under-lapping red. I have experimented with projecting this film outside on the surface of a tree, on the ground, as a large image covering trees and the space in between. This needs to be done when the sun has set, which is currently quite late. The lack of light also makes it difficult to document...

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