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Ephemeral Collaborations / Game Over

Sofia Menci, Pietro Lancello, Emily Welther

Our collaboration consisted of online meetings, discussions on WhatsApp, audio and video recordings around the topic of Game Over.

So we asked ourselves: What does "Game Over" mean, when does it happen and what does it imply? We looked within the realm of video games in which, after the game is over, there is a new start or a new virtual life where the mistakes leading to the loss have been erased. The game over/new start repeats until the player finally wins.

Associations of Ezra Pound's "Cantos" in which he asks "why continue?", the cult movie "Harold and Maude" and the image of abandoned bathtubs were our starting points. We played with repetition in video image and in audio, referring to "Game Over" as implying a new start. We constructed a game, asking colleagues to answer two questions in a limited time-frame of 20 secs, 15 secs, 10 secs or 5 secs.

The questions were:

1. Why continue?

2. What is the checkpoint in their lives when they must begin again?

The link below will lead you to the first video, after which you are asked to choose another one of two possibilities and so on until the game is ....

For all works during this 24 hour period, check out this site:

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