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Plant Inventories

Crassula Ovata / Jade Plant

Family: Stonecrops

Reflections after 30 minutes of observation

Leaves are cold against my skin. The coldness stays, seeps further along my skin than where it actually touches me. The plant changes my temperature at the place where we touch. Do I change its temperature?

It grows in segments, the trunk and branches have rings about every inch, in between the rings the colorings and patterns differ – reminds me of bar codes…

Small feelers of roots sprout out at some places along the trunk, almost asking to be cut and replanted. Who would do that other than me / other than a human body?

Dust settles in the creases and v-shaped joints of branch and trunk. Spiderwebs spun in between move with the air; otherwise there is stillness. Does it hear the rain falling on the roof outside? The flow of water it cannot feel?

The only sunlight comes from a large window across the room and still its branches reach upwards.

Stems stay static – what whirls within?

Its leaves, full of water, seldom leave.

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