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Practicing Porosity

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Below are 4 invitations to participate in online performance events. I invite you to read through them all and then choose 3 to join. Please respond to the questions by writing to me or sending me an audio file.

1. Period Paintings

In this virtual gallery, your agency is manifested through hand-eye coordination, as the sense of sight and the motor skills of your hand on the touch pad or the mouse propel you through virtual space. The movements of scrolling in and out to enlarge or shrink what you see, tipping and tilting the floor by pulling and turning your fingers on the touch pad, pressing down to click on the photos invite you not only to observe the photographs but to position the space and yourself within it. I invite you to play with these possibilities and then to stop and observe from where you are. What does the positioning of the space do to what you see? How does that affect the photographs? Where do you consider yourself to be in relation to the virtual gallery? How does the awareness of that location relate to the content of the photographs?

2. walkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalk

Listen to this with headphones. Keep your eyes open and relaxed, perhaps they will see or focus on what is around you, perhaps not. Be aware of your body as you listen, your bones, joints and ligaments, your heart and other organs, the tonus of your skin and muscles and observe what these sounds do to it. Finally, notice the moments when your attention wanders. Where does it go? And when does it come back?

3. Chora

I invite you to play this video on your phone in full screen while standing in front of a window. Hold it in your hand and play with the positioning of it and your body to catch the window's reflection on your phone's screen. What do you find yourself watching? What is inside and what is outside? How does the placement of your hand and body affect the reflection, the recorded images and the content?

4. Becoming Visable

The link below is currently a recorded live-stream. The actual event will take place on the 26th of June. I would invite you to watch this with headphones on and in full screen. How does this live event or moments within it correspond to your own live body?

To conclude, I would invite you to answer a few more questions. Which of the four options did you choose not to join? What do you think you did not see? Do you feel something is missing? What does that not-knowing, not-having-seen do to you?

Thank you!

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