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Imagine a hole that extends endlessly down into the soft, dark soil of the under-ground.

Now imagine a cyclone directly above it, yet upside down so that the mouth of the cyclone fits over the opening of the hole in the ground. One extends downwards and the other travels endlessly up.

Take the image of the red box, however it is in your mind, and imagine it so that this up and down cyclone-hole fit within it.

Possibly, the floor and lid of the red box will unstick themselves and float as separate pieces towards the infinite above and the illimitable below. The sides of the box might float to both horizons, or the entire box might stretch until all its sides are transparent, hair-thin membranes.

In any case, let the sides of the cyclone and the soil around the hole soften and blur, so that what is inside begins to dissipate; let the very idea of inside italicize.

The red no longer belongs to the box, but seeps out and around in all directions and dimensions, so that there is no red nor a box, and all sides are non-perceivable.



as a practice of a human body in a living landscape;

as an embodied listening to the living nonhuman bodies of the landscape;

as a physical and metaphorical internal- and externalizing of those bodies;

as the perception of bodies as b;odi,es : boundary-less, micro+moving, intra+relating frag ment s

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