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23.01 Experiments with sounds of skin and interior-voice text


I listened to the recordings I made a few days ago by the Birthday Tree, and wondered what kind of story could be told just through sounds. Impatience, curiosity come through; also sounds that seem to have no intention, that are simply an experimenting of surfaces and touching. How to have a dialogue with a plant through the sounds that occur out of our touching? What might that tell about our bodies? Where might we overlap and when might our sounds/bodies not be distinguishable from each other?

Till now, I have always "made" the sound, or made the movement that produces contact and friction. Hearing that sound influences how I move next, what I touch next, what part of my body touches next. So the plant dialogues through the sound we make together.


the high notes of the saxophone penetrate membranes of my body and the walls of the house ( I can feel it in the inside-side of me and if I were to go outside, I'd hear it on the outside-side of the house wall).

I'm practicing every day my hearing: DB, panning and EQ. I'm quite okay at DB and panning but EQ I find hard to understand. After some Youtube tutorials, I learn that EQ is like pitch, lower Hz are lower tones and so forth. That each note on the piano has its own Hz, and each octave is double the Hz of the lower one. Hearing n the music which pitches are gained or subtracted will take further practice.


With headphones on, I listen to music on bandcamp, still the voices of my daughters come through like another track on top. If I don't focus on their voices but on the music, then I don't hear the words they are saying; I hear only their high tones.

"Overlapping Spaces", made during

the workshop, "Stories in Isolation" with REICHRICHTER:

Live-stream Performance as part of the Accreditation of ArtEZ, Feb. 9, 2021

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