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collaborations / the umbrella of invisibility

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Quiet A shadow all edge slides between trees


A quiet can still

destroy itself

On the way there

I have the sun at my back,

so that my long shadow precedes me or clings to my right side,

if it is not swallowed by the shadow of the trees.

- Monika Voigt, Germany

- Foivi Psevdou, Greece

On Wednesday I walked for 1.5 hours with Foivi around my garden in silence, slowly, as slow as I could. But my slow wasn’t slow.

- Ella Tighe, UK

So many bones from the soil

that they snap open

like wings

- Angus Balbernie, France

Photo @ Barbara Lehtna

My heels hitting the ground reverberated through my skeleton, jolting thoughts out. They bumped around and left.

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