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Coming Closer to "Landscape of Liveness"

 I've been working on the structure of the performance by focusing on the sounds and soundtracks I will  use. Below is a rough outline of a possible order, beginning with 1. ambient sounds/story, leading to 2. a second story, then 3. sounds as touch and vibrations, 4. fragmented words and overlapping rhythms, ending with 5. a poetic-rap/story/breaking up words and meanings.

Each track here has beginning and ending sounds that can be shortened or lengthened, depending on what happens on stage.  I've put some video images next to the sounds that will play when they are projected. Exact beginning times and ending times of these projections still need to be decided upon. 

 Things to still consider:

The end - I'm thinking to end with the rap, not as a recording but speaking live in the space. Possibly joining the recording while speaking in the microphone, then slowly leaving the microphone to speak in the space. I can also imagine ending in silence, possibly the first and only silence in the piece.

The beginning - I'm not sure if the ambient sounds are the right version yet. They have some effects and were recorded when an airplane and tractor were close by, so they already have deeper, human-made undertones. I'm wondering if I should begin with as purely natural sounds as I can, which then develop into natural sounds with effects? 

Panning - I have taken a break from thinking about panning this week, in order to finish the tracks. I know now how to do it in Reaper, but would like to decide when I play the tracks in space (and preferably with 4 speakers). 


Some questions:

1. How much does the performance space affect the sounds and panning? Because of limited time in the actual theater, I need to do as much as possible beforehand. How can I do this the most efficiently? I have easy access to 2 speakers, a mixing table, interface and microphone, however, all within a relatively small room. Does it make sense to determine panning/volume in this small room with 2 speakers? I am constantly looking for a larger studio space... However even there I would have 2 speakers on the floor and 2 hanging. What is the best way to prepare? What can one do when there is not much time in the actual location before the performance/concert?

2. What do you think about the vibrations themselves and the length of them in the 3rd track? I'm not quite happy with the high tones yet. I'd like to vibrate the entire space and the audience here, while having quieter layers underneath...

3. I've re-worked the words on Soundplant in track 4, and have not used any of the older versions (flowcategory low pass, for example). Although I feel these words are more relevant to my research, I'm not sure if I've lost something more raw and less precise... I'm wondering if I could instead play the words live on Soundplant, before fading in the track, as I play with entering and exiting the space? I've also connected this track to a rhythm track. Any thoughts on that?

 Thank you and enjoy!

Audience enters space. 4 Speakers on the floor, mixing table with computer + interface, microphone and cables. Am I onstage yet? Possibly not. When I enter, I turn on the sounds. 

Some ideas for me: I lie down in the middle of the space, and very slowly stand up during the length of the sounds/story. Or, I speak the story at the same time as the recording in the mic.

At some point after this track begins, the projection fades in. This video needs to be edited and would run into the following videos.

Me: playing with movement material, "touching all others".

During this track, all videos play after each other or at the same time. Some projected onto the back wall, some through my mini moveable projector. Not sure which video should play during vibrations, possibly the purple crocus. 

Me: I will interact with the videos and my shadow, touching the projection surfaces. During the vibrations, I might sit with the audience.

Just after the vibrations and before this track could come silence... The videos would fade out. At some point during the rhythms, the lights fade out and the sounds are loud in the dark space.  

Me: improvising, entering and exiting the space. Also playing with movement material "fragmented attention" until lights go out.

End: silence. I leave space?

lights fade out...

One light in the middle of the space fades in. I move mic there? Play with: me making highest possible frequencies, live speaking of text and recording, or only live speaking... 

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