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This portfolio is a fragment of my research into Re/Telling Plant-Human Stories, explored here through the multimodal touch of digital image, text and sound. It attempts to expose parts of the documentation of my Phenomenological Inventory of Plants through cyanotype, a photographic printing technique using iron salt solutions and UV radiation. By learning this new tool of cyanotype printing, I was able to overlap digital photographs, live, peripheral plants, and poempieces within blue-scapes and sun-lights.


Each CD is a sound composition played during my final performance, Landscape of Liveness; a composition of amplified and re/worked sounds of human-plant touch and explorations of my voice with words and frequencies. Inherent to each story, each paper, each sound composition, is the presence of the void, the unknown, the glitch. What I do not know about vegetal life, what I do not know about sonic art or cyanotype, what I do not know about my own body are parts-of the fragments of b;od,i:es, each in intra-action with the fragments of all other b;od,i:es…


This p or/tf ol: io intra-acts with the physical, emotional, ephemeral and re/membered fragments of b;od,i:es; both human and vegetal. The invisible, the inaudible, and the imperceptible are here and now, and I invite you to come closer to them.

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