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Own Work



ECC Performance Art VR Gallery

a film as part of a Master Class with VestAndPage


4bidden sounds / 4bidden spaces

with daz disley and Irina Baldini

4bid Gallery OT 301 Amsterdam


with GeminEYE/Irina Baldini

4bid Gallery OT 301 Amsterdam

and Kunstkapel Amsterdam


performance and acoustic/electronic music

with Daniel Brandl

Premiere: 04. February 2023

Echo Echo Dance Theater Company

Festival of Dance and Movement 2023

Londonderry-Derry, Northern Ireland


) rituals of listening (   

a sound+video+installation

sounds, images, curation: Emily Welther

Opening: 25. + 26. November 2022, 18 - 21h

Barnes Crossing e.V.

I N T E R F A C E; a digital performance in shared time

performance and sounds: Emily Welther and Daniel Brandl


Body Horizontal

part of the COLD DIFFUSION event, X-Church, Gainsborough, UK

performance, sounds, images: Emily Welther

video projection: daz disley


More Info

Landscape of Liveness

performance, sounds, videos: Emily Welther

Final performance for the Master of Performance Practices Degree, ArtEZ, NL

Photo documentation: Fenia Kotsopoulou

Video documentation: daz disley

Excerpts: Fenia Kotsopoulou

As a performance

As an installation

As a sound work


OHNE time

Emily Welther w/ Tardigrad Duo and Barbara Schröer

dance: Emily Welther
cello and fx: Daniel Brandl
drums: Giuseppe Mautone
video: Barbara Schröer
dramaturgy: Laura Biewald
light design: Wolfgang Pütz

Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim
Premiere 10.+11.12.2019, 20h

Kulturhaus Thealozzi Bochum
5.+6.3.2020, 20h

Barnes Crossing Köln
12.+13.3.2020, 20h

In the news

and here



Choreographie / Tanz: Emily Welther
Tanz: Ronja Nadler
Musik: Tardigrad Duo (Giuseppe Mautone - Schlagzeug, Daniel Brandl - Cello)
Bühnenbild / Licht: Wolfgang Pütz

Preview: 13. Oktober 2018, 20 Uhr
Barnes Crossing – Freiraum für TanzPerformanceKunst, Industriestr. 170, 50999 Köln-Rodenkirchen

Premiere at Tanztausch Festival Köln, Alte Feuerwache - 6. Dezember 2019 at 20Uhr

WEITERE AUFFÜHRUNGEN on 14. Dez at 15Uhr + 20Uhr
at Barnes Crossing e.V. Köln-Rodenkirchen



Eine Tanz-Performance die innere und äußere Barrieren auslotet und Rahmen sprengt.

Tanz / Choreographie: Emily Welther
Schlagzeug: Giuseppe Mautone
Bühnenbild / Licht: Wolfgang Pütz

Premiere: Fr 9. März 2018, 20 Uhr

Weitere Vorstellungen: Sa 10. März 2018, 20 Uhr und So 11. März 2018, 18 Uhr

Barnes Crossing – Freiraum für TanzPerformanceKunst, Industriestr. 170, 50999 Köln-Rodenkirchen


tanzfuchs PRODUKTION

Artistic Director: Barbara Fuchs

Dingsbums; Fette Kette; MISCHPOKE; Headwalkers; Munch!; Buckets of Feeling; Pfffhh... a rubber dance play

Collaboration from 2009 till present 

Echo Echo Dance Theater Company

Artistic Director: Steve Batts

Londonderry, Northern Ireland

2004 - present

Resonance II; Consequences; Ripple Affect; Motion Ensemble

as well as teaching workshops and participation in Festivals 2014-23

FREIraum Ensemble

Artistic Director: Arthur Schopa

Here I Am; SOLO +



MIRA eins; MIRA. zwei; MIRA.drei, das Passbild meines Schattens; MIRA.vier

Artistic Director: Julia Riera
Music: Philip Mancarella

Film / Photos: Julia Franken

2007 - 2014

Angie Hiesl Produktion

in Zusammenarbeit mit Schauspiel Köln

Halle Kalk, Köln
Premiere Juli 2006

Hair and Hair and Hair and...

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