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Born in Arizona,  and raised in Vermont, USA, Emily Welther holds a bachelor's degree in Drama from the Experimental Theater Wing of New York University, and a bachelor's degree in Dance/Dance-Making from the European Dance Development Center, Arnhem, the Netherlands. She has been educated as a yoga teacher at the Soboco Yoga Institute Cologne and has completed her Master of Performance Practices at ArtEZ in Arnhem in September 2021. Since moving to Cologne, Germany in 2004, Emily has worked extensively as a dancer/performer in the freelance scene there and throughout Europe, and has recently been performing her own work at festivals in the Netherlands and Northern Ireland. She currently experiments with live and digital performance and sonic installations, exploring the sounds that emerge when the human body and its environment come in closest contact.  

As part of her ongoing artistic research, Emily explores liveness and fragmentation in collecting and documenting audio and visual encounters with nonhuman bodies, most recently with plants. Current developments situate her work in the overlapping genres of live performance and sonic art as she explores the invisible, the unknown and the void as integral components of the body. Expanding her own movement and performance styles by including the fields of live and recorded sound, vocalizations, and text, she currently explores ways to curate immersive sound and movement environments which invite the audience to experience their own body as resonating, permeable parts of their surroundings.

Digitally enhancing nearly inaudible sounds into booming vibrations, she asks: how can minute details be amplified, and what does that do to the listening bodies? How can the placement of live and recorded sounds in a space, move and re/move the bodies in that space? In breaking apart syntax and re-structuring words, her practice looks as well for the unknown and invisible in language and meaning, like in her poetic experiments of

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photo@ Nadine Targiel 2023

1998 - 2002    Experimental Theater Wing, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University (BA in Drama)

2000 - 2004   European Dance Development Center, Arnhem, NL (BA in Dance/Dance-Making)

2019 -2021    Master of Performance Practices, ArtEZ, NL 

Own work and collaborations 

2024                    Film, ECC Performance Art VR Gallery, VestAndPage's online Masterclass

2023                     Emily Welther with Daniel Brandl, Echo Echo’s Festival of Movement and Dance, Derry, N. Ireland

with Irina Baldini, Kunstkapel Amsterdam, 4bid Gallery Amsterday
                              Through a Portal

                           with Irina Baldini and daz disley, 4bid Gallery
                           Performance at 4bidden sounds/ 4bidden spaces

2022                     Performance Opera with VestAndPage. Forte Marghera and Plaza de Mora, Venice.
                           Body Matters, Under Scars

2021                     Emily Welther with Daniel Brandl, cello + fx. Echo Echo’s Festival of Movement and Dance, Derry, N. Ireland (online performance)
                              I N T E R F A C E; a digital performance in shared time
                             Emily Welther, performance, sounds, video. Master of Performance Practices Final Performance
                             Landscape of Liveness
                              Emily Welther, online performance for the accreditation “Cutting Through”
                              Landscape of Liveness (online version)
2019-2020        Emily Welther with Tardigrad Duo and Barbara Schröer, Kulturbunker Mülheim. Nominated for the Cologne Dance Prize 2019
                            OHNE time
2018                     Emily Welther with Tardigrad Duo
                              FLAW / MAKEL, tanz.tausch Festival Cologne, Barnes Crossing e.V.

2017-18               Emily Welther with Guiseppe Mautone, percussion
                              D O O R, Barnes Crossing e.V., Cologne

2013                     Solo Residency, MAD Festival, Cologne

2011                     Scholarship of the State Ministry for Culture and Science NRW 
                              Solo in collaboration with Echo Echo Dance Theater / Ursula Lauebli
                              It Just Might Be Enough, Derry/Londonderry, N. Ireland

2010-15               MIRA / Julia Riera, Julia Franken
                              Mira 1, Mira 2 - a piece about unbuttoning, Mira 3- the passport book of my shadow, Mira 4- wish, Barnes Crossing,                                                              Arkadas Theater, Kunsthaus Rhenania, Kolumba Museum, Cologne

2007-2010          Crap Girls / Melina Seldes, Maite Larraneta
                              This is Serious Stuff, Tanz Hautnah Festival, Cologne; 638kgTanz Festival, Essen
                              La Noche en Blanco, Madrid; LEM School, Buenos Aires


Stadt Köln, Kunst Stiftung NRW, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft, Landesbüro Tanz NRW, Kultur und Schule, COMENIUS

Work as a dancer/performer

2017-2019           FreiRaum Ensemble / Arthur Shopa and Ruben Reniers, Factory Heeder, Krefeld; Odonien, Cologne
                              Here I Am, Solo+
2016-18               Comedia Theater Cologne with Barbara Fuchs / Tanzfuchs
                              Max Wants to Kiss!
2012-2016          Marion Dieterle/Dossier 3D Poetry, Cologne
                              Meat and dolls, chicks.
2011-12               Silke Z. / Resistdance, tanhaus nrw Düsseldorf
2010-today         Barbara Fuchs / Tanzfuchs Produktion, Barnes Crossing e.V., Cologne
                              festivals throughout Europe and Japan, West Wind, Oldenburger Tanztage
                              Headwalkers, Munch!, Buckets of Feelings!, Pffhhh..., Piece of Paper , Fette Kette, Dingsbums,
                              Foyer, Mood Swing, Disorder, PlusMinus, Mischpoke
2005-2014          Echo Echo Dance Theater Ensemble / Steve Batts, Ursula Lauebli, Wolfgang Hoffman. Derry/Londonderry, N. Ireland
                              Resonance II, Consequences, Ripple Affect, Motion Ensemble
2006-8                  Ilona Pasthy / Iptanz, Barnes Crossing e.V., Cologne
                              skin thing, EinsZwei

2006                     Angie Hiesl Productions / City Theatre Cologne
                              Hair and hair and hair ....

2004-5                  City theatre Heilbronn / Katja Wolf

2003                     Katja Wolf and Markus Grolle. tanzhaus nrw
                              Wolf Dances 

Work with children and teens 
2017-19               Project course dance, Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium Leverkusen supported by Kultur und Schule
                             Generation Z, Move Me

2016                    project course dance, FALS Solingen
                             E-Motion, FALS Solingen, Award 2nd place Walder Theater Days

2014-2017         UrbanMachen and dance accomplices, Barnes Crossing e.V., Cologne
                             OGS of the GGS Nibelungen Str., Cologne with Marion Dieterle and Barbara Schröer, supported by Chance Tanz
                             Falling, My point of view, School Upside Down, Around And in the Middle – Let Me Show You My World, Where We Meet

2014                    Friedrich-Albert-Lange-Schule Solingen                             
                             Home Pina, with students from FALS and University of England, Leeds

2011                    Echo Echo Dance Theater / Junior Company with Klaas Voigt, Saxophone
                             Of Earth

2005-2010        SpinaTheatre Solingen / Olek Witt
                             School No. 1, Money Money Money, Book of Faces, City Theater Solingen Festivals and Awards Europe-wide

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