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This is an installation which documents current listening practices as sound-compositions and vocal experiments, as clay-based sculptures and cyanotype photographs affirming touch. It invites the audience to experience listening as a physical experience, as a journey that leaves visible and invisible traces, that exposes the unknown, that approaches other ways of perceiving, and through these, finds other, fluid ways of being.  

Each mini-work, or experiment, is curated as a simple ritual; the invitation to change the position of the body; to form clay in intuitive, repetitive movements; to wander through hanging cyanotypes; to write while suspending language. Each invites participation while listening to sound-compositions and vocal experiments through headphones.

The recording, speaking, vocalizing, mixing, and composing the sounds in these compositions is part of a developing practice of listening - to the fluctuating state of being, to emotions, and to desires that want to be spoken but aren’t.  It approaches listening through the ears as well as through the skin and with the entire body; listening to vibrations and the urgencies residing deep within that are the origins of expression and communication. This installation looks for ways of perceiving micro-movements and not-yet words within oneself; of listening for ways to expose.

Auf Geht's Stipendium 2022, NRW
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