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The story begins where there are holes. The story begins when there is a lack of evidence, an unanswered question, an unknown. The story begins in the (w)holey void because an infinite nothingness feels incomplete and the s r y is inco pl te. The story begins with light - languages and sound - semantics. The story begins as an attempt at listing fractured experience, yet does not end with a teller.  The story begins by looking at itself through a cracked mirror, a prism, a reflecting interface intra-facially and splinters off into shiny, crooked droplets of radiation. The story resembles specks of sun scattered in between shadows. The story begins before its beginning, as it approaches a living, part - ly perceptible vegetal body; an obstacle in its way towards breaking up becoming. The story touches the plant, and what fract - ures off in all di - rections and di -mensions, what di - fracts, sprouts, decays, and touches - all - others, here, and - 
here and -
I cannot sense the electrons in me, how they implode, how they repel each other, never fully touching one another. I cannot feel in what ways, with which pressures, at which precise moments each electron touches its particular void. I do not know how to touch - all - others, so I imagine it. I open my body up, zoom my attention into the minute details of my anatomy while my skin surface comes in closest contact with the filaments of a leaf vein. I imagine most vibrantly while moving slowly, attempting the temporality of a tree. The barely visible movement of my body threads my material and imagined parts with the material and imagined parts of my plant part - ner, creating a loose, fragile web, so that in moving - threading, all parts dangle closer; in the wind and with the waves of sound, all parts (eventually) 
touch : 
a form of dialogue;
a language between bodies' parts
frag - ments;
(in distilling my attention to the elements that encounter, 
I lose all other matterings of me)
ignites the fault lines of our frac - tur - ed bo;d,ies,
exposes the vaults of our not yet
kn o wi n g
reveals itself through micro - movements
(a minute moment of me meeting miniscule more) 
here and - 
here and - 
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