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Landscape of Liveness is a story that breaks apart into many stories. It is the culmination of my research into bringing humans and plants closer by focusing on their known and unknown parts. Re-imagining the body as a constellation of micromoving and intra-acting fragments, all b/od:i,es of
pl;an*t/h um-an+w,or:d
begin to re/entangle as stories of  touch emerge.

Landscape of Liveness has been performed as a 35-minute multimodal  performance, but can also be shown as an ongoing installation with live performance elements, or as an individual experience in a small space with headphones.

Please click below for the possible options and for more information!

between me and you

(human-body plant-body) 
become imperceptible
as we
come closer

in zooming-in and amplifying the moments of our touch,
I lose all other matter-ings of me.

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