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I N T E R F A C E;
a digital performance in shared time
by Emily Welther and Daniel Brandl
Inside their homes in different cities in Germany, Emily and Daniel meet in the digital space of the internet. They ask: How can we connect physically, acoustically, and energetically through the mediums of technology? What kind of connections are made when bodies are far apart from each other, yet share a moment in time?
Experimenting with the movement of the body and audio programs that loop, layer and distort sounds, Emily and Daniel use their "digits" to explore the digital technologies available to them and to approach the spaces they each inhabit. They listen and watch through the interface of their screens and attempt to connect to each other and the audience beyond the physical borders of their devices. Microphones and cameras become eyes and ears; visual and acoustic details are enlarged and amplified; the energy of the moving body is captured and sent out in pixels and vibrations through digital space.
These tiniest movements and nearly inaudible sounds invite the audience to watch, to listen to, and to be touched by the connections happening through, beyond, and because of the I N T E R F A C E.
Technical Infos
This is a live-streamed performance which can be viewed by an audience through Zoom and using headphones. Alternatively, it can be projected in a theater space for a seated audience, using the speaker system provided. In both cases a good internet connection is essential (using a cable instead of Wifi is optimal). A tech run would be necessary if projected in a theater.
Full Performance Documentation here
For more info or to book, please write me here.
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