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a practice of listening

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

As a body-based artist, my practice is one of listening; to my body, to the environment and to the desires and trajectories of bodies and materials around me. I listen in part to suspend the visual and to quiet language which I find are some of patriarchy’s powerful tools. How to subvert definitions and structures by allowing the audible its space? If one could de-hierarchize or dis-empower the visible, might a co-existence with the other senses, specifically hearing and feeling, emerge? How might a live performance, which also includes the visual as part of but not the only part of an immersive experience, allow an audience member to sense not-knowing; to feel the void, the fissure, to hear the invisible? How might this re-orient and therefore re-empower the body as one which can exist beyond power constructs as well as beyond other (seemingly) permanent forces?

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