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The Room is the Instrument

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I was interested in hearing what happens to a spoken sentence when it is played in short intervals after each other - basically making my own manual delay. I used one sentence, copied and pasted, looped these sections and copy and pasted them repeatedly. The delay created a sense of space, an echoing room while distorting the words until they were nearly unrecognizable, becoming what sounded like electronically produced (non vocal) sounds.

In this first example, I simply copy and pasted. In the second example, I played more with the composition of the 4x looped sounds, their placement, length, and volume:

Until now, I have been gathering sounds of spaces and me moving within them, editing and composing the resulting recordings. With these recordings I realized that spoken word or possibly singular sounds, when repeated and looped, also create a sense of space - space opens up between the syllables of the words, and their meanings begin to change, crack, disintegrate. Simultaneously what could be meant by, or the multiple meanings within, "listening" or "ritual" become a physical experience.

In the extract "Research_BodySpaces", I selected clips from an online rehearsal with Daniel Brandl, and composed a soundtrack from them. Looped and repeated, the sentence, "the room is an instrument," fluctuates in its meaning. The room is multiple - the room of my speaking, of the recording, the composition, and the listener; as is the instrument - what or who is creating sound?

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