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re/placing human

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

a work in progress for:

"Vicarious Vocalities, Voices in and out of Place: Misplaced, Displaced, Replaced and Interlaced Voices"

An online conference through The International Centre for Music Studies at Newcastle University

in collaboration with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Voice Studies, 7. September 2022

This work consists of choosing natural locations, setting up my audio recording device and letting myself become inspired by what I sense around me. I contemplate and move with my inner and outer worlds, what is in and outside of me, my porous boundaries becoming soft and awake, my skin resonating. I am a body embedded with technology, language and culture, displaced in the natural world around me. I look for moments of presence, timelessness, of a dissolution of culturally-attuned attributes; for a release and a coming-closer-to the nonhuman living bodies surrounding me, by listening through the skin.

Using these digitally recorded and physically embodied experiences, I explore how much farther the inner can become the outer by amplifying and editing the recorded sounds into extended, looped, and/or re-situated soundtracks. Written reflections become spoken text; remembered moments are re-played as vocalizations in front of the microphone. This becomes a listening experience displaced from its origin: the place of conception, of composition, of explication; location as listening.

I ask: does my displacement, re-mixed, re-place you? How do you become touched by my intra-actions? How can listening re-place our bodies in relation to our environments, the one listened to and the one currently in? How might focusing on my displacement re-placed open up other ways of being with?

Some beginnings...

The latest version of this work-in-progress can be seen and listened to here:

This piece is part of the larger installation " ) rituals of listening ( " which will be shown at Barnes Crossing e.V. on 25. 26. November 2022. Funded in part by Auf Geht's Stipendium 2022, NRW Soforthilfe 2020.

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