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22.04 Silent Walk

During my online residency for my studies at ArtEZ, Master of Performance Practices during COVID19 pandemic, I'd like to continue to research the invisible relations between human and non-human bodies by walking.

This is an invitation to join in a simple exercise that can extend over physical and spacial restrictions. If you'd like to participate, please sign up by sending me an email:

In this hour, each person will walk silently, either alone or with a partner (with the necessary distance if it's not a family member). There will be at least one other person somewhere else in the world who is walking at the exact same time. If you are able to, walk barefoot. Don't bring your phone or anything else with a timer or that makes noise. Estimate what an hour is by the distance you walk, by the change in the sky.... Just you walking outside, without speaking.

If you'd like to send me feedback, your reflections or some kind of documentation of your walk, please send it to or by mail:

Emily Welther

Jennerstrasse 28

50129 Bergheim

I'd very much appreciate it! Thank you and enjoy...

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