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Diffractive Dialogues/ Me and Barad's "Trans*/Matter/Realities and Queer Political Imaginings"

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Am I queering the body by pulling it apart into infinite pieces (as well as its void.s)? Am I grappling with a form of Utopia where the body is shards that stay separate yet pulse with each other? Am I anthropocentric because it's me that re/imagines the body like this, my impulse, my words, my passionate insistence? I do not want to look at landscapes without looking at how I am part-of them. I do not want to focus on my part(s) but let them wander/hover in dynamic intra-action with all other parts, further ex/imploding into always more matter, parts of particles and volatile voids.

Barad falls in electric desire wit cutting words into parts - yet their roots remain - trans holds itself upright. For her it needs naming, and re/naming is her method of undoing. Yet trans-formation can be differently undone when personal attachments to one's own identity are undone as well. Barad does not succeed in undoing themself by reiterating and re/peating words in specific cutting together-aparts of them.

Trans*formation must be further undone: t. ran / sfor: mat//ion(

Undoing the self requires exposing the infinity within the electrons of each word, letter, inkblot. Undoing the self/term means infinitely experimenting with each self's/word's radical openness; each as a particle of continuous re/generation; each t. ran / sfor: mat//ion(s further tra.n/s/for.mi/n-g.

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